1997-P Matte Proof Jefferson Nickel

The 1997-P Matte Proof Jefferson Nickel is a low mintage issue that doesn’t seem to get as much attention as it deserves. Similar to the 1994 matte proof, these coins were specially struck for inclusion within a limited production set. In this case, only a small number of sets were authorized, resulting in a tiny mintage of just 25,000 pieces.

The 1997 Botanic Gardens Coinage and Currency Set included the 1997 Botanic Gardens Silver Dollar, a current one dollar note with a Virginia Federal Reserve Bank seal, and the 1997 Matte Proof Jefferson Nickel. With a maximum production of 25,000 and an ordering limit of 5 units per household, the sets sold out within the first week of ordering. Original pricing was $41.00 per set.

Examples of the coin remain relatively available, although at a premium. The coins can be located within the original Coinage and Currency Sets, or often within third party grading holders. Most examples have received grades of MS69 due to the special striking and handling of the issue.