1950-D Jefferson Nickel

The 1950-D Jefferson Nickel is considered the key date coin of the series with a mintage of 1,630,030 coins.  The low mintage was immediately noted by collectors of the day, which led to widespread hoarding and speculation surrounding the issue.

After the mintage figure was revealed, collectors and even the broader public quickly pulled the coins from circulation. Prices for the issue steadily rose for many years until peaking around $25 per coin. Thus, a full roll of 1950-D Jefferson Nickels obtained from circulation for $2 was worth an incredible $1,000.

Prices eventually fell, as the widespread availability of the perceived rarity was realized. For collectors of today, the issue remains particularly abundant and is almost always encountered in uncirculated grades. The widespread hoarding had the impact of making this otherwise low mintage coin, readily available for future generations. Current pricing is around $15 for an uncirculated 1950-D nickel.

As with most other issues of the Jefferson Nickel series, top graded examples with full steps can drive a significant premium. The few examples graded MS67FS by PCGS have sold for as much as $5,000 each.